Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cheeks, ohh those Cheeks

I am in love with this girl...she really is as sweet as she looks.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Laundry Room Love

So one night the the laundry room shelves feel off the wall and all my beautiful white Walmart boxes feel to the ground. Holes in the wall and stuff everywhere. I had planned on giving the laundry room a mini-makeover this year but after this happened it got bumped up to the top of the project list. I really wanted to get it completely finished before posting the pics, but there are a few things that I will wait to add. One of those being a plywood top for my washer and dryer, and a cart to fit between the washer and dryer. (I did go to every possible place in town that might carry this item, but alas, no cart. So looks like I'll have to find one on the internet.) And a few more touches that are minor things that I will get to when I have the money. Anyway, the laundry room got a coat of paint (paint that we already had) new shelves, and home made curtains. Not much, and not the most spectacular laundry room, but it works for us. It does make me smile everytime I pass it knowing it didn't cost a lot, and still looks good. Here are the before and after pics.

There it is. Its real, its us, its my little boy's magnets all over the dryer because I won't let him use the fridge. I wish that I had digital before pictures of the house before we began fixing it up. This room has come a long way, like most of our rooms.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

V-day Redo

Tonight my husband and I took a gift card we received and went to eat at Flemings. Rarely, as in this was the second time, do we eat there. It seems so over the top to spend that much on food, and so we never ever spend our own money when dining at a place that expensive. However, we had a gift card and couldn't spend it anywhere else, so off we went.

It was the second time we grace the doors of Flemings this week, since Thursday night my husband got the 'tummy bug.' He warned me Thursday afternoon via text that he may not make it through the night without some gastrointestinal upheival. Since we had a sitter she came over anyway and we started on the first leg of the date: pedicures. I cannot tell you how fun it was to go get a pedi with my best friend in the entire world. It was his first and I know he'll go back and I can't wait for the next time. I love how pedicures give you time to talk with important people in your lives because you are forced to sit down for an hour. Anyhoo, pedi's were done and his tummy was tame but once we arrived AND ORDERED, he confessed he couldn't do it. We left money for the drinks and went home.

So tonight we went back and it was great. Two hours of conversation and good food with my husband. I swear I love that man more and more each day. But I came away from the meal with one goal...learn how to make the chocolate lava cake. So once I got home I consulted my favorite food blog, Pioneer Woman, and found this amazing recipe I will try soon...maybe my birthday, my 30th birthday that is. However, because it was Valentines day we got a small gift card and I plan on using it on another chocolate lava cake just because, well, I can. I can say without hesitation it is my favorite dessert ever, really, no lie.

And in other news, I plan to post the laundry room before and after soon. I have those few pesky finishing touches left to do.

In the spirit of V-day I will post an old picture of my husband and I. (Its really old, like 2003, pre-kids, pre-age spots, pre-gray hair, pre-everything, ha!)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It got me...

The Tummy bug got me. I have been hearing about everyone, and when I mean everyone, really everyone at church has had the tummy bug. SO, last night was my turn. I hate the thought of it, so anyway, I was going to try to get started on the laundry catastrophe that happened Monday night but I will post something soon on what happened. I am sort of excited about doing a real before and after on a project of mine. So anyway, as I try to stay well and tend to a 3 month old and a 3 year old...have a great Wednesday.