Sunday, January 31, 2010

The ball hopper

Right now there are actually tons of things that are rolling around in my head and to keep me focused, because sometimes I feel like my thoughts are on 'scan' mode and I never really hear them in their completion, I am going to list them. There are other people like this, yes?

(and yes my hubby says I need a list for my list...and I'm okay with this)

-need to read a book and write a paper before going to class on Friday.
(what class...well I am still working on my masters degree that was started in the fall of 2003 people! What degree...well a Master's in Christian Education with a general focus. Why? well, lets just say I am leaving my options open since I am not sure what my Savior will ask of me when its all done. I mean its been seven years since it commenced, surely its something big)

-need to find fabric for my dinning room chairs and recover them.
(why? well my 3 year old has defaced the fabric with yogurt, cereal, snot, OJ (ooh the OJ), and whatever else he managed to not get in his mouth)

-paint the dinning room table black, but first find a stand-in.
well...the table we have was a hand me down, and if you don't know, my husband is a youth minister and well, if you don't know, he ain't exactly big money. So when I say 90% of the furniture and big items in my house are not originally ours...It may be an understatement. Thus the overwhelming urge to paint the hand me down table black and hope for the best!

-umm, loose the baby weight.
yes, its not that easy for a dessert addict like myself. However, I have decided that I do not want my children to be embarrassed of their mom at the beach...since we live less than a mile from the beach, it makes it even more pressing...who knows when the whining monster in the back seat will go screaming banshee on me and demand he goes to play in the sand with his scuba mask (aka toy safety goggles from a home depot tool set he got for Christmas a couple years back).

-decide about this couponing thing.
have you heard about the coupon craze from a few years back, well I jumped on board just because I am cool like that. So I just started and I feel like I have coupons and ads everywhere and pretty soon I maybe turned into the show hoarders...hopefully it works it self out and I can save some money, have you heard my husband is a youth minister? Just saying.

-OH YEAH, grow my hair out.
I got a horrible haircut when I was in Texas for Christmas and I hate it! I cannot wait for it to grow out. I think my hair makes me look fat...hey, I have had a round face my entire life so I know when it looks bigger...and the short cut definitely has ballooned my cheeks to chipmunk status. The plan is to grow it out and do long layers and then roll it with the trusty ol' velvet hot rollers. I did this in college a lot and I do have to say that the pictures are proof that's its a good look for ol' chipmunk face.

-figure out this blog thing.
I really feel like there is soooo much to learn. Honestly, "confession alert", I wanted to go out and buy a new Nikon or Canon to post pictures of my ball hopper life and projects because my little Kodak point and shoot doesn't stand up against all of the bea-u-ti-ful pics from my favorite blogs. But I thought to myself: self, this blog thing is new and you are exactly a camera-carrying mom and until you prove your self to your blog, no camera for you....since they are budget busting...yes my hubby is not making bank....(in full disclosure, He is an awesome provider and God has given us all we need and want...really, he is faithful to us beyond measure)

-Talk to PS about doing an adult bible study on Crazy Love.
I am wanting to talk to the pastor of our church (Pastor S.... or PS) about leading this study that has truly changed my husband and I...even though I technically have not read it, I have listened to the podcast from Francis Chan's church and truly have caught the movement that God is leading through this book's refreshing honesty. You see, I have always prayed that God would use me in something God sized, and I pray continually that he does not leave me to wallow in my mediocrity, but picks me up and places me in the best place to give him the most glory. When I think about this, I do feel a bit overwhelmed because I look at myself and see all the things that He will have to teach/change in me. Whew, lots of things, fears, and insecurities stand in the way. So to lead adults would be a new thing for me since I am most comfortable with pesky teenagers.

-Got to bed earlier.
yes, its self explanatory...3 year old and a 10 week old have me spent. However the Kureig makes is all better... I heart you Kureig! But....I do wish those yummy in my tummy Kcups of yours weren't so dang expensive, just saying.

-Reconcile with my sewing machine.
We had a break up. I had to choose between a dinner party or my sewing machine and all its cohorts taking over the hand me down dining room table. Dinner party won and well things just haven't been the same between us. I have key fabs, dish rags, camera strap covers, and coffee cup cozies to make/attempt.

OK, I think that's it, I will try to go turn the ball hopper off.

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